Selling Sneakers Post 3

Discussion Post – Selling Sneakers Post 3

In discussion posts #1 and #2, we chose one of five sneaker companies and located either their annual report or the most recent set of financial statements, then determined where to find some of the major amounts listed on those annual reports.

For your discussion post:

  1. What types of inventories does the company you’re investigating hold? Retail inventory? Raw materials, Work in process or Finished goods)? Hint: Look on the balance sheet and in the notes to the financial statements after the financial statements.
  2. How does the company value its inventories? Hint: Look in the notes to the financial statements under the “inventory” notes.
  3. Recall that the inventory turnover ratio is calculated as follows:

Inventory Turnover = Cost of Goods Sold/Average Inventory, where Average Inventory equals Beginning Inventory Plus Ending Inventory/2

Please calculate the inventory turnover ratio for your company and post it.

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