Selling Sneakers Post 2

Please refer to the attached document detailing the background of “Selling Sneakers.” It is the same background information that you had for the first post. It is attached if you need to refer to it. 

In discussion post #1, we chose one of five sneaker companies and located either their annual report or the most recent set of financial statements. 

For your discussion post:

  1. Using the financial statements that you chose in discussion post #1, post the data requested for the company you’ve chosen to review.  You may use a table format or another format, as long as the information is clean and easy to read.
Annual Report Information
Amounts Per Balance Sheet or Income Statement:Dollars $
Total Assets$
Total Liabilities$
Total Equity$
Total Expenses$
Net Income or Net Loss $
  • In your post, state whether you believe the company that you have chosen appears to be healthy financially based on the information provided in the table and why. Hint:  If assets were all converted to cash, does the company have enough to cover its liabilities? Is the company making a profit or a loss? 

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