Selling Sneakers Post 1

Please read the attached document (Selling Sneakers-Discussion Post Background) detailing the background of “Selling Sneakers.”

You may choose from the following companies. You will be asked to find the most recent annual report for one of these companies. Please see the instructions under “For your discussion post.”

                                                   Annual Report Information
NikeAdidasPumaUnder ArmourSkechers

For your discussion post:

  1. Perform an internet search to find and download your company’s most recent annual report.  I would recommend going to that company’s corporate site or typing in the company and “annual report” or “financial statements” in your search.  You should find everything in its annual report or annual financial statements (hint: search online for EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, and use the “interactive data” versions).  Save this file for your future use and attach a copy to your post.  One of your classmates will need to be able to review it. 
  2. Using its website and annual report, complete the table below and post it to your discussion post:

                                                      Annual Report Information

Headquarters address:
Financial website used:
Product website (if different):
Is the company that you choose committed to sustainability/corporate social responsibility? (“bold” one): Yes No If yes, where did you find evidence?
Names of CEO and CFO:
Currency used for financial reporting:
Financial reporting abbreviations (billions, millions, or thousands):

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