Self-care as a Human Services Practitioner

As current and future human services practitioners, students are encouraged to reflect on their personal
wellbeing as well as institute a plan for practicing self-care. Students will:
a) describe their current mental
health and wellness;
b) discuss factors that have contributed to this status (e.g., childhood experiences,
setbacks, accomplishments, activities, relationships, etc.);
c) cite personal coping and de-stressing strategies;
d) identify a plan for practicing self-care as a human services practitioner, inclusive of an approach to
managing conflict with colleagues and/or clients.

The paper should follow APA format. A cover page is required, but no abstract is needed.
Three (3) outside
sources should be incorporated into the paper. These can include books/textbooks, articles and credible
on-line sources. The use of one (1) scholarly article is required. (4-5 pages double-spaced)

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