Revolution of Health

For this assignment you will create an additional chapter for the textbook “Introduction to Determinants of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples’ Health” that celebrates an example of Indigenous resilience and health leadership. For this chapter you must choose an Indigenous person, organization, or grassroots group who has advanced Indigenous health and wellbeing in some way. Please select a person, organization or group who has made recent contributions.

This is the organization you will use:
Vancouver Aboriginal Health Society’s – Urban Indigenous Safety Collective program specifically

Your chapter must include the following components:

  1. Overview of the person/organization/group’s work (approximately 1 pages, minimum 2 references). Provide a summary of who they are including details about where they are from (territory, cultural background etc.), and the work that they do / what specific issues they focus on.
    *you should be referencing the organizations website in section 1:
    Please also reference this for the territory acknowledgement of where this organization is located. The address of the organization is 449 East Hastings St.
    Vancouver, BC V6A 1P5. You can use this site to figure out what territory this organization is on:
  2. Relevant historical and socio-political context (approximately 3 pages). Provide background information on their work. How has settler colonialism influenced the issues they address in their work? What policies/systemic issues are relevant here? If their work is focused on health within a specific nation or Indigenous group (First Nations, Métis or Inuit) please ensure that the context you describe is relevant to that group/nation. If their work is focused on a particular territory, please include some contextual information about that place (and include a reference for this).
    *you should be incorporating 5 references below in section 2 in a meaningful way.
    -Indigenous Writes, by Chelsea Vowel (2016) – I have uploaded this PDF in the documents section
    -First Nations Perspectives on Health and Wellness, First Nations Health Authority -
    -Promoting Two Spirit Health and Wellbeing A Conversation with Two Spirit Youth Leaders, panel discussion
    -Dykhuizen M, Marshall K, Loewen Walker R, Saddleback J. Holistic Health of Two Spirit People in Canada: A Call for Nursing Action. Journal of Holistic Nursing. 2022;40(4):383-396. doi:10.1177/08980101211072645
  3. Impacts of their work (approximately 3 pages). Describe how their work has helped advance Indigenous health and wellbeing. How does this work relate to Reconciliation, cultural safety and/or self-determination? Why is it important to recognize Indigenous peoples’ resilience and leadership when learning about health in Canada?
    ** Please reference from these 3 sources below in a meaningful way. Also incorporate information from the organization’s website (linked above) again.
  • First Nation Health Authority’s (FNHA) Policy Statement on Cultural Safety and Humility
    -Two Spirit and Indigiqueer cultural safety: Considerations for relational practice and policy – PDF is attached in the documents section

Your textbook chapter should be at least 7 pages. Please write in typical academic writing style (APA). With this being your final assignment of the term, it is your opportunity to demonstrate how your understanding has developed throughout the semester. One key way to do this is by making connections between different course materials with proper citations. Please reference all of the sources I have listed (10 sources total).
Please note this will be run through multiple AI Generator detectors and plagiarism checkers. It is important all writing is original and sources are references in a proper way.

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