Reviewing and Analyzing Financial Statements

When you respond to the DQs I am looking for your own original responses. If you choose to use an additional source to support your thoughts that is great, however, you must be sure to cite your source. Do not just post information from a source to answer the questions. My expectation is that you will write your own thoughts in the DQ answers, and use supplemental sources to support your thoughts, if applicable.

  1. Describe the major financial statements that firms must provide.
  2. Differentiate between book and market value.
  3. Demonstrate how to use a firm’s financial statements to calculate its cash flows.
  4. Interpret financial ratios.
  5. Understand differences between ratio analyses.

DQ# 1 (A least 100 words)
Assessment Description
How do accountants and financial managers differ in their use of financial information? Why is cash flow more significant to a financial manager than it is to an accountant?

DQ# 2 (A least 100 words)
Assessment Description
What are the costs and benefits of holding liquid securities on a firm’s balance sheet? Provide an example.

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