Review & Critique of a Sustainability & CSR Policy

Assignment Guidelines:

Prepare an individual 2500 word report which :

Discuss in detail the Sustainability and CSR policies and programmes for one of the two selected companies in CW1.

The discussion should include the following elements:

I The main points of the programme  – its objectives and the strategies and / or  activities to attain those objectives and how it relates to the sustainability theories & concepts or frameworks discussed in the module

II The benefits, both tangible and intangible, that the programme delivers to both to wider society and also the company, as well as the estimated cost to the business

III How it compares to other CSR programmes developed and implemented by similar companies, and your view of its effectiveness or efficacy when compared to the latter. You are free to choose the particular companies that you use for the comparison.

IV Your recommendations for improving the programme. These could be the addition of new objectives or changing current ones and the necessary amendments to supporting activities. You need to include the justification for these improvements by explaining the additional benefits they will bring to the programme.

V Whether there is any link or connection between the programme and business & personal ethics. Explain your thinking.

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