Research Paper: Crime and Punishment in States

Do you foresee any problems in the lack of sentencing uniformity among the states? For instance, numerous states, such as Maryland, Michigan, and Kansas, have begun to shy away from mandatory minimum and truth-in-sentencing guidelines, shifting their focus to rehabilitation and treatment programs. Should that be a consideration in dealing with criminals?

Choose one (1) of the three videos/articles hyperlinked in this week’s module. Crime and punishment in the states can be vastly different depending on the jurisdiction: federal versus state; county versus city; territory versus state; Indian country versus non-Indian country… The differences themselves are an entire research paper! But after choosing one of the items that interests you, considering the following prompt:

What is the main theme of your case study? Describe the topic in detail, including state, county, federal, or any other jurisdictional terms. [2-3 paragraphs]

How does the prosecutor do their job? How does the public defender do theirs? Are they in constant conflict, or do they work together? [2-4 paragraphs]

Did the punishment fit the crime? Consider this question literally, and philosophically. [1-2 paragraphs]

If you were an almighty U.S. District Court judge, how would you have decided the case differently? Would you have affirmed or reversed the decision made in the state or territory? What would be your reasoning? [1-2 paragraphs]

Cite your case study properly. Further, include citations for any videos, outside sources, and news articles you use to supplement your writing. Full and accurate MLA citation is REQUIRED. Points will be deducted if no source is cited, or the citation is inaccurate.

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