Research on Consumer Behavior

Term Project Consumer Behavior
You will have the opportunity to conduct and present an observational research study. The data to be collected should be based only upon observation only and not upon surveys or other types of interaction. You conduct your observations and take notes on each.

Write a minimum of a two – four page paper compiling your results and discussing your finding and implications. You will include your experience in conducting this type of research project. You will also take the information in your paper and create a 5 – 7 slide PowerPoint presentation detailing your results in presentation format.

Your paper should cover the following areas:

  1. Detail the subject category and the comparison category you will conduct your observational research.
  2. Chronicle three observations of each category in detail (that means 3 observations of the subject category and 3 observations of the comparison categories.
  3. Based upon your observations, detail your overall conclusion about the observed consumer behavior.
  4. Write a paragraph detailing your experience as an observational researcher.

Observational assignments may be based on the following. Choose one for your subject category and one for the comparison category. Here are examples:
• Gender – e.g., “Compare the behaviors of men shopping alone for groceries with those of women shopping alone,” or “Compare the behaviors of preadolescent boys shopping with their parents (or an adult) with those of preadolescent girls.”
• Subject’s age – e.g., “Compare the shopping behaviors of senior citizen couples with those of young couples,” or “Observe the behaviors of teenage boys and girls shopping without a parent.”
• Product – e.g., “Observe coffee purchases in convenience stores or coffee shops,” or “Observe the purchase of impulse items at the point of check out ranging from the campus bookstore to a local sandwich shop.”
• Any pertinent variable – e.g., Store type or the racial/ethnic/cultural affiliation of the shopper.

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