Real Estate Market

Your objective is to convince your peers that your research question and findings are interesting and reasonable. The paper should be:

  • Written in MLA format
  • 7-10 pages in length (doubled-spaced with 1-inch margins)

– All tables and figures (if any) should go at the end of the report in an appendix

Students should keep in mind that an effective research paper is clear, concise and covers all the necessary and sufficient materials. Proper citation in-text and in the works cited is expected.
The following is a rough (but not restrictive) outline of how the paper should be structured.

  • ABSTRACT (e.g., helicopter overview of work, 100 words)
  • INTRODUCTION (e.g., motivation, detailed discussion of thesis, 200-400 words)
  • BACKGROUND (e.g., relevant research or history or existing work)
  • ANALYSIS (e.g., qualitative or quantitative analysis)
  • CONCLUSION (e.g., discussion of why your findings matter)
    A complete rough draft following the instructions above will be expected to allow the instructor to provide the student with meaningful feedback. The final draft will be graded on how well the student incorporates the professor’s feedback.

Research Paper Question:
The real estate market plays a significant role in every country’s economy throughout the world. There would be no factors that affect prices in an ideal world. This is not the case, as the real estate market observes a variety of effects that influence prices and other factors. How did two major events, the 2008 Housing Crash and the Covid-19 Pandemic, affect the real estate market? Was there one event that had a much bigger impact than the other? To better understand the effects of these two events, focus on the following factors:
• Mortgage Market Rates from Mortgage Forbearance
• Housing Prices
• Consumer activity (buying vs. selling)

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