Reaction Paper on the 1945 Project

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DirectionsStudents will write one reaction paper of approx. 750 words (approx. 2-3 pages). The topic of this paper connects to our earlier project on the decision to drop the atomic bombs.  With that in mind, it is important to use what you have learned in the course to frame and inform your approach to this assignment.  In this paper, we’ll consider the impact the dropping of the atomic bombs had on those who survived the attack.  These survivors, known as hibakusha, or, “bomb-affected persons,” shared their first-hand experience of events and the aftermath both in written and oral testimonies preserved in the documentary series by Haruka Sakaguchi known as 1945project.  

Use at least two hibakusha profiles as supportive evidence to answer TWO (2) of the following prompts of your choice:

  • Describe the specific hibakusha you chose for this paper and why you chose them from amongst those profiled on the 1945project.  Questions to consider include:
    • What health issues and/or physical/psychological wounds have your chosen hibakusha had to cope with? 
    • What about their stories is most significant or memorable? 
    • What are their personal beliefs about the dropping of the atomic bombs?
    • How would you describe their outlook on life and general worldviews in light of their suffering?
  • What if these perspectives weren’t preserved. What would happen to our knowledge of the bomb falling? Each day, survivors have died probably. Each day an oral history is lost. What is a story that you preserve which has been passed down to you or which you experienced that if you never wrote down or told someone who wrote it down would be lost forever?
  • How has learning about your chosen hibakusha changed your understanding of the decision to drop the bombs?  Provide specific examples.
  • How has your position on the decision to drop the atomic bombs changed or stayed the same after exploring the lives of hibakusha

The Essay is not a research paper that incorporates and relies on other sources of information; instead, it is a paper that contains nothing other than your own original thought and analysis.  However, if you choose to include other sources to corroborate or expand/expound on certain ideas/themes in greater depth, this is encouraged.

Your Essay should be coherent and well-organized with a logical structure that is apparent to the reader.  You will be graded, in part, on how effectively you’re able to communicate your ideas in written form, so be sure to pay close attention to such details as spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

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