Racial Identity Paper

There is one required paper of the course.  In this paper you reflect on three experiences/stories that impacted your racial identity using one or more of the theoretical frameworks introduced in the course. For example, if you are White and didn’t think much about your racial identity as a child because you felt like your race was normalized in your community, what status of Helms’ theory would explain this? If you are Latino reclaiming your racial heritage, how might that be explained by Atkinson, Morten, and Sue? If you feel your experience as a woman can only understood as a Black woman, where might Crenshaw’s theory of intersectionality help illuminate that? If you have spent your life at the crossroads of racial identity, what does AnzaldĂșa suggest about living the real and metaphorical space of the Borderlands?  For inspiration regarding format, you may look at how I told my story of working with fourth graders in “There can be no improvisation in white supremacy…” and then consider how I analyzed that story using Thandeka’s theory of the non-white zone later in the paper. Yours won’t need to be as in depth as mine, but this can give you an idea of how your stories could be written and then analyzed.

The paper must be correctly formatted in APA 6thedition. See the rubric section of the syllabus for information on how the paper will be graded.  Generally, papers will be between 5-6 pages long (excluding a title page and a reference page), double-spaced with Times New Roman font. Please know that I am far more interested in quality than quantity.

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