Questioning Strategies and Critical Thinking

A challenge many teachers face is identifying effective ways to engage students in meaningful dialogue that advances thinking and elicits critical, higher-order responses based on current learning needs. Exploring appropriate questioning techniques, for various grade and ability levels, helps teachers to design questions that encourage critical and higher-order thinking and guide students in their learning.
Using one of the lessons you developed in this course, create both content and critical thinking questions you could ask during the implementation of the lesson. The questions should be based on the standards and objectives within the lesson you selected.
In 500 words, explain the following:
* The lesson title, standards, and objectives on which the questions focus.
* At least three content- or skill-based questions that are appropriate for students’ grade and ability levels for each objective, and examples of answers the question is designed to elicit.
* At least three questions for each objective that would encourage critical thinking and higher-order thinking, and examples of answers the question is designed to elicit.
In addition, write 150 words examining how questioning strategies facilitate students’ comprehension and critical thinking related to literary and informational texts.

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