Qualitative Researcher

The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop your knowledge, skills, and dispositions as a qualitative researcher. This is an opportunity for you to choose refereed literature, in education policy “I chose Teacher Leadership Development” and “Effective Learning Outcomes”, that collectively utilized the 2 central methods discussed in the course (Content Document Analysis and Interviewing/Focus Groups) to critique how well theory guided the study, informed the data collection protocols and analysis as well as the techniques these researchers employed in working with document/participants in their data collection.

This assignment consists of:

  1. Locating and carefully reviewing 2 articles from non-predatory sources in “Teacher Leadership Development”, 1 that uses Content Document Analysis and 1 that uses Interviews or Focus groups. (1-2 articles have been attached: Labeled “content 1 and Interview groups 1)

2. For the first part of this paper, identify and describe the theoretical framework presented within this paper, noting how the constructs relate to one another in a framework.

3. First, map the presented theory to the research question/s. Assess how well these two elements are aligned.

4. Second, comment on the method/methodology employed (data collection). To what extent, if any, do these elements adhere to the approach/es? (Was data collection adequate? Were the data selection parameters thoughtful and followed? Was the theory used to inform the data collection protocols? Did the method capture the data needed to redress the research question/s? Why or why not?)

5. Third, examine the data analysis and results. To what extent, if any, was the theoretical framework utilized as an analytical framework.

6. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for the second half of the paper you to describe “Effective Learning Outcomes” and how it’s used during interviewing/focus groups. (1-2 articles have been attached: Labeled “content 2 and Interview groups 2)

7. Summarize the two articles regarding their use of qualitative research methods; if you were a reviewer, what generative suggestions would you make to strengthen each respective study?

Essay Length: 10 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font size, in APA 7th style. Addressing these questions will also serve as the criteria for the scoring rubric.

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