Public Health Crisis in the United States

Seattle is Dying: to an external site.
Watch the video on “Seattle is Dying”. Please compose your response using baccalaureate level writing. Citations are required. Your response should be at least 1-2 pages and should express your views in a clear and concise manner.
Questions –

  1. Provide a quick recap of the subject presented in this film.
  2. How do you think this video will impact the way you interact with homeless persons during nursing care?
  3. Was there anything in the video that shocked or disturbed you?
  4. Give 2 reasons why you think the Providence Rhode Island treatment program works? Give 2 reasons why you think it doesn’t work?
  5. Explain why homelessness is a public health crisis. Think of the holistic model and compounding impact of homelessness on an individual level and at a societal level. (Citation required)
  6. Think like a PHN – At each of the three levels: Find at least one Federal (US Nationwide), State (California) and Local (LA/Riverside/San Bernadino/or Orange County) program that help reduce homelessness. Make sure to cover funding sources and description of services provided. (Citation required)

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