Psychology Home Exam


Answer the questions below on a maximum of 5 pages.

Use and refer to the literature that you have read so far during the course.

Maximum points are 20. To get the grade Pass, at least 12 points are required and for Pass with distinction, a total of 16 points are required.

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Question 1 (3p)

Describe the results you think are of value in the two articles below. Explain how, and in which context, the results can be useful.

Weick, L., Ericson, A., Sandman, L., Boström, P., & Hansson, E. (2023). Patient experience of implant loss after immediate breast reconstruction: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Health Care for Women International, 44(1), 61-79.

Bystedt, S., Rozental, A., Andersson, G., Boettcher, J., & Carlbring, P. (2014). Clinicians’ perspectives on negative effects of psychological treatments. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 43(4), 319-331.

Question 2 (5p)

a) Give an example of an aim/research question that would be suitable for a deductive thematic analysis? (1p)

b) What theory would you use and why? (2p)

c) Describe how you would do your analysis? (2p)

Question 3 (4p)

How are the philosophical approaches phenomenology and hermeneutics in IPA applied in the different phases of a research project (aim, data collection, analysis, and writing up)? 

Question 4 (4p)

a) What does a social constructionist perspective mean for the view of knowledge? (2p)

b) Explain the main differences between discourse psychology and Foucault’s discourse analysis (2p)

Question 5 (4p)

Formulate a research question suitable for a narrative study. Explain and motivate how data would be collected and coded. Also, identify the major limitation and the major strength with your design.

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