Psychological Disorder

OBJECTIVE: Research and provide an extended definition of a psychological disorder.

 MPO 3.1: Analyze current psychological research and evaluate resource quality.

 MPO 3.2: Evaluate and summarize appropriate material that relates to psychological research.

 MPO 7.5: Identify the parameters of maladaptive (abnormal) behavior as defined by the current edition of DSM.

 MPO 7.6: Categorize the various types of personality and behavior disorders and recognize their major characteristics

                     and treatments: mood, anxiety, dissociative, and somatoform disorders, and schizophrenia.

            A documented report is composed of primary research as well as the author’s writing. This informative writing assignment will help you practice the components of documentation in writing.

FORMAT: APA format (double spaced, include title page and references page).

SOURCES: You will be expected to use 2-4 reliable sources, one of which should be the DSM-5 link provided in Blackboard. You should also include at least one current, peer-reviewed journal that discusses new research relating to the disorder.

CITATIONS: You will be required to have a minimum of 5 embedded citations.

WORD COUNT REQUIREMENT: 1,000-1,200 words

EXTENDED DEFINITION: Definition gives an understandable meaning to something new or unfamiliar. Definition is used to explain what something is—an object (MRI machine), a process (photosynthesis), a condition (Alzheimer’s), or a concept (behavior modification). An extended definition includes information beyond the essence or primary characteristic of a term; for example, the brief definition of a stethoscope is that it is an instrument used to hear a heartbeat, lung sounds, or other internal noises. An extended definition would be expanded to include the different parts, functions, styles, and discovery and development. For this assignment, you are to select one of the personality or behavior disorders described in Chapter 14 of your textbook, and provide an extended definition by choosing several topic areas to research and present. You must get your topic approved before beginning your research. You must research the four required topic areas below, as well as choosing two (2) additional topic areas to include.

Diagnostic Features (Required)

Development and Course of Disorder (Required)

Functional Consequences (Required)

New Research (Required)

 Associated Features Supporting Diagnosis

 Prevalence

 Risk Factors

 Culture- or Gender- Related Diagnostic Issues

 Relationship to Other Classifications

 Differential Diagnosis

 Comorbidity



In the introduction, you will state the disorder you have selected, provide the reader with a formal definition of the disorder, and preview the topic areas you have selected for expansion.


The body of the paper will provide your reader with the specific information necessary to understand fully the disorder you have selected. You are required to include Diagnostic Features, Development and Course of Disorder, Functional Consequences, and New Research, and must choose a minimum of two (2) additional topic areas from the list provided. You should provide a heading for each topic area within the body of your paper, and each area should be fully researched and developed.  Remember to restate the ideas you’re presenting in your own words. All research should be appropriately cited, including both paraphrased material and direct quotes. For more information about how to adhere to APA standards, please see the provided APA guide, or visit the Writing Center for assistance.


The last section of the report will be the conclusion where you may summarize the material presented by tying your main ideas together. You should also reiterate the significance of your disorder.

References page

The last numbered page of your report should be your references page (2-4 sources, including the DSM-5 and one current, peer-reviewed journal).

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