Protocols for Decision Making

Making ethical decisions can prove to be quite a challenging process. While this may be the case, it is always important to be ethical in all things, as ethics concerns all levels of life. The decisions that we make, not only shape our lives, but also impact the lives of others. “Ethical decision making requires more than a belief in the importance of ethics. It also requires ethical sensitivity to implications of choices, the ability to evaluate complex, ambiguous and incomplete facts, and the skill to implement ethical decisions effectively” (“Making Ethical Decisions,” 2015, p.102). In making ethical decisions, it is essential that we have a set of guidelines that prepares us to face ethical dilemmas as Christian health professionals. While intuition is not a bad thing, there are situations that are complicated and unfamiliar that require more than just a feeling about something. Though subjective to the person and situation, decisions regarding end of life care, whether or not to prolong life for a family member, or addressing situations or decisions made that go against one’s values and beliefs should rely more on discussion and dialogue that can aid in decision making through the exploration of insights from others as well as spiritual insights. As Christians, God has given us a blueprint for decision-making; the Bible. While every situation that we encounter may not be spelled out in the Bible, it does reflect the will of God for our lives. These practical steps coupled with insights from others can help us to act accordingly when faced making tough decisions in life.
Outline a paper in which you integrate the course readings and video presentations to construct a clear and delineated: Protocol for decision making.
• Length of the assignment: 8-10 pages and should be organized according to the following format using Part I-Part V as the subheading:

o PART I- Provide a brief Introductory Summary (Must include a clear Thesis Statement).

o PART II- Identify key absolutes critical for healthy, biblical decision making. (Although this content may be subjective in nature because it represents your personal opinions, please DO NOT reference yourself in this section). Please be sure to provide clear, biblical support for your rationale.

o PART III- Delineate a clear strategy or methodology one could employ when deciding health-related and/or other ethical issues of life. This process must include a minimum of 4 steps and no more than 10 steps. (Ex: Pray, seek wise counsel, employ trial and error techniques, consult physicians, research viable options, explore scripture…etc.)

o PART IV- Identify a decision-making strategy one could employ when a clear answer/solution is NOT biblically evident by commandment, guideline or inference.

o PART V- If you were compelled by a directive (e.g. by an employer, government official, etc.) that was not in accordance with Your “absolutes”, describe what action(s) You are prepared to implement to uphold your personal absolutes. (This is the only section of the paper which should include any personal references.)

o A title page and reference section should be included as part of the assignment however, these are not to be counted as part of the 8-10 pages. The assignment should be double-spaced, use 1-inch margins and must be in Times New Roman 12-point font.

• Format of Assignment: Use current AMA formatting when citing your work.
• Number of citations: use at least three supplementary sources in addition to the text and Bible. (5 total)
• Acceptable sources: (scholarly articles or books within the last 5 years).

Class text/resources: **(use at least one)

Kilner, J.F. (2011). Why the church needs bioethics. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House. ISBN: 9780310328520
Munson, R. (2017). Intervention and reflection: Basic issues in bioethics (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781305508408.

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