Price of Glory: Verdun 1916 By Alistair Horne

The subject of the book or its theme should be stated you will often find a statement of the author’s purpose in writing the book in the preface.
the scope or limitations of the work should be mentioned, and the contents or main points of the book summarized it is not necessary or desirable to present detailed accounts of each chapter.
there should be critical analysis of the type of materials used original research or synthesis of others work and how well the author covered the subject organized the material and expressed himself. in the case of the latter however it is important to remember many books are written for a scholarly purpose and not to entertain you would not expect the light reading of a bedtime thriller on the hand there is no excuse for defense prose. in evaluating the work, you may have to decide how well the author succeeded in fulfilling the objectives which may be stated in the preface.
it will obviously be wise to take notes when you read the book the final review should not exceed 1000 words and a thorough review, obviously you cannot reproduce everything covered in the work you will have to exercise your own judgement as to what is important.

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