Practicum Project

  • Title. The title should include the name of your project and should follow the Uniform-Guidelines format.
  • Introduction. The introduction includes the purpose of the paper, the goal of the project, and the name of the project. It also outlines the structure of the paper. Your introduction should also include a description of the practical tool or tangible product (e.g., handout based on a specific concept, tool for professional development, career ladder path, simulation experience, teaching tools or toolbox that includes a pretest, intervention, and posttest) that will be the focus of your project and that integrates evidence-based teaching and learning principles.
  • Goal statement. A goal statement identifies what you expect to accomplish, the focus area, and the population. It introduces the project and conveys, in broad terms, how you plan to use the practical tool or tangible product.
  • Project objectives. Project objectives delineate your strategy for reaching the goal and the steps you will follow to complete the project. You must include two or three measurable objectives that use application-level or higher verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy. (Note: Your Practicum Project objectives are different from your Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives.)
  • Types of Activities. Provide at least three different and appropriate learning activities that are evidence-based and aligned to your practicum project objectives that can be used for your practicum experience.
  • Resources. Identify and justify the human, physical, and/or technical resources you will need to complete this project. Note that for this assignment, you do not have to address the financial aspects of your plan.
  • Timeline. Create a graphic timeline representing significant stages of your project. Provide a narrative to help your Instructor understand the timeline. Include the timeline in an appendix to your Practicum Project Plan.

Note: You must use APA-style headings, but you are not required to title the headings as listed above.

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