Practice-Change Problem

Select a practice-change problem and, from the literature, an intervention to impact outcomes. Imagine you are attempting to determine if the intervention is more effective than current practice. Explain the various types of non-parametric statistical tests that might be used to analyze the data collected during the implementation of the intervention. Provide a rationale for the use of non-parametric tests for this data set.

Below is the practice change problem followed by the article information.

Chen, C. (2019). The roles of psychosocial developmental crisis and self-stigma in mental health among college students with disabilities. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education68(2), 287-302.

(Non-parametric statistical tests describe the many ways in which statistics derived from observations on samples from study populations can be used to deduce whether those populations are truly different. 

 Many statistical tests can be used for this purpose, which test is used depends on the type of data being analyzed and the number of groups involved.

Each non-parametric statistical test includes assumptions about the data and the research design.)

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