Political Violence and Change

While political violence has of late been calmer, 2020-2021 saw a rise of violent protests ad insurrections over police, race and national politics. Many have seen similarities with the Revolution era of the 1760s and 1770s. Write a 1000-word typed paper that compares and contrasts the political violence of the American Revolution Era (eg Stamp Act riots, Townshend Acts, Boston Tea party) with the recent violence involving the 2020 Election (6 January) and protests in 2020 over police brutality and over Confederate statues. How are these events similar? How do they differ? Consider the circumstances of 2020-what was going on that year—with the circumstances of the 17690s/1770s. Consider how people today have reacted to the recent incidents of violence, then consider how people in the 1700s reacted. Do you feel these events have any similarities? Is violence to make a political point ever justified? And finally, do these events signal a new revolution? Or are they just isolated events, as we saw in the 1910s and 1960s.

Be sure to:
*Have a specific and unique title
*Type and double space with 12-point font (Times New Roman)
*Have a clearly stated thesis statement
*Utilize evidence
*Cite your sources
*Staple your paper
*Number your pages
*Have a word count at the end

Some possible sources (but you can have many others):
American Revolution:
*Class notes and course textbook
List of Civil Unrest in Colonial North America (Wikipedia)
Public Protests in Early America
The seeds of Revolution: The Stamp Act protests in Boston
Stamp Act protests:
Tarring and Feathering
When Rioting is the Answer (Time magazine)
6 January 2020 sources
6 Jan and Non-Revolutions
Insurrection Attacks Patriotism of 1776
What Kind of Insurrection Was It?
A look back at Americans’ reactions to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol
NPR Capitol Insurrection Updates:

George Floyd/BLM/Confederate sources:
The American Revolution: The George Floyd Rebellion, One Year Out
Black Lives Matter protests shift public discourse
How Black Lives Matter Changed the Way Americans Fight for Freedom
American Revolutions? The Left/Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter
How do today’s Black Lives Matter protests compare to the civil rights movement of the 1960s?
Demonstrations and Political Violence in America: New Data for Summer 2020
The Rise of Political Violence in the United States

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