What are legislators currently doing to address your selected advocacy priorities for a vulnerable population? Are there current policies in place? Are there current policies proposed at either the state or federal level? What are the most obvious strengths and weaknesses of these policies as they relate to your advocacy priority? What might need to change?
For this Discussion, you will identify a state or federal policy that aligns with your advocacy priority. After identifying the policy, you will consider how the policy aligns and supports your identified vulnerable population. How and why does this policy align with your advocacy priorities?
• Review resources related to health policy.
• Consider the health policy that might align with your advocacy priorities.
Post a response detailing the following:
Identify a proposed state and federal policy that aligns with your advocacy priorities for your vulnerable population. Clearly describe and provide evidence to support this policy. If the policy needs to change, describe and provide evidence to support the proposed change.

• Document: Personal Legislative Agenda and Action Plan Exemplar (Word Document)Download Personal Legislative Agenda and Action Plan Exemplar (Word Document)
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