Policy Ecosystem

Each individual will extend this group learning project by developing a reflective assignment. This piece is designed to be informed by the group process, but needs to be reflective of the individual’s own intellectual work.

  • Textbook: Segal, E. A. (2016). Social welfare policy and social programs: A values perspective. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.


  • Reflect on yourself as a macro practitioner. Recall the work you have done in 602 and the material we have learned in 606.
  • Based on your own skill sets and strengths, where do you see yourself in this policy ecosystem?
  • Describe how your strengths align with parts of the process as well as the parts that make you uncomfortable.
  • Cite at least one Policy Library video of a skill or special topic that has influenced your reflections.* Below are two Policy Library videos of a skill. Please chose one of the to use for this question. These videos were used to discuss the skill in a previous order of mine.
  • your reaction to each of the two videos: Ann Malluwa Wadu (16 on the list) & Jessica Skobel’s video (10)
  • Wadu, A. W. (2021). The Role of Music in Agenda Setting. Retrieved from SLWK 606 Policy Library – Fall Semester 2021.
  • Video Link: https://youtu.be/60Sy42CU-cQ

Wadu, A. W. (2021). The role of music in agenda setting. Retrieved from SLWK 606 Policy Library – Fall Semester 2021.

  • Skobel, J. (2021). Troubleshooting Advocacy-Understanding Organizational Dynamics. Retrieved from SLWK 606 Policy Library – Fall Semester 2021.
  • Video Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/182ZbZxd50zCBeGZgX1AyKyxMh4HhhpYE/view?usp=sharing

Skobel J. (2021). Troubleshooting advocacy – Understanding organizational dynamics. Retrieved from Policy Library – Fall Semester 2021.

*Your reflective submission can be in the form of an APA paper, or you can stretch your creative muscles here. You can reflect using a poem, spoken word, visual art, mapping, infographic, video, or whatever your imagination leads you to. Please include a written explanation to go along with the creative piece that guides the instructor on how it exemplifies the depth of your reflection on the prompt.

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