Description: Conduct a systematic process engaging the whole community as appropriate in the development of executable strategic, operational, and/or tactical-level approaches to meet defined objectives.
Planning is a required capability that spans all mission areas. In the context of Prevention, planning includes crisis action planning and the development of options upon the discovery of credible

information about an imminent threat to the homeland or to prevent imminent follow-on attacks. Both activities may occur in a time-constrained environment.

Critical Tasks
 Initiate a time-sensitive, flexible planning process that builds on existing plans and incorporates real-time intelligence.
 Make appropriate assumptions to inform decision makers and counterterrorism professionals’ actions to prevent imminent attacks on the homeland.
 Evaluate current intelligence and coordinate the development of options as appropriate.
 Identify possible terrorism targets and vulnerabilities.
 Identify law enforcement, intelligence, diplomatic, private sector, economic, and/or military options designed to prevent, deter, or disrupt imminent terrorist attacks on the homeland and imminent follow-on attacks.
 Present courses of action to decision makers to locate, interdict, deter, disrupt, or prevent imminent attacks on the homeland and imminent follow-on attacks.
 Implement, exercise, and maintain plans to ensure continuity of operations.

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