PICOT: Clinical Problem

Identify a phenomenon (clinical problem) of interest. Clearly define the problem and its significance (what will happen if we don’t address the problem)? Use peer-reviewed evidence based data to support.

You will be creating a PICOT question this week. We will continue to refine the PICOT in discussions, as it is the basis for the research proposal.

You will create a PICOT question based your chosen topic and it is what you will be building on for Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Here are templates that may help you with developing your question: templates https://www.aaacn.org/sites/default/files/documents/misc-docs/1e_PICOT_Questions_template.pdf

These are two examples of how the question should be presented in the Discussion Board.  Use this format. 

Example 1:

P:  adolescent mothers

I:   breastfeed their infants

C:  over the age of 19

O:  return to pre-pregnancy weight

T:  N/A

PICOT question: Do adolescent mothers (P) who breastfeed their infants (I) return to pre-pregnancy weight (O) faster than mothers over the age of 19 (C)?

Example 2 :

P:  patients experiencing chronic back pain

I:   inversion table therapy

C:  conventional pain medications and muscle relaxants

O:  better pain relief

T:  six weeks

PICOT question: Will patients experiencing chronic back pain (P) have better pain relief (O) using inversion table therapy (I) than patients who use conventional pain medications and muscle relaxants (C) over a period of six weeks (T)?

If you do not have P, I, C, O, T listed and described as above and then the question with (P) (I) (C) (O) (T) placed in the correct place within the question.

APA formatting is required in discussion posts with the following two exceptions  double line space and indent 1/2 inch from the left margin.  All other APA formatting guidelines should be followed. For example, in-text citations must be formatted with the appropriate information and in the correct sequence (Author, year), reference list entries must include all appropriate information following  guidelines for capitalization, italics, and be in the correct sequence. Refer to the APA Publication Manual 7th ed. for each source type’s specific requirements.

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