Photo Analysis Worksheet

1. Observation. What do you see in this photograph? Study the photograph and discuss it in your group. Use the chart below to list people, objects, and activities that you can clearly observe in the photograph.


2. Inference. Make some reasonable guesses about this photograph.

When, would you guess, was the photograph taken?

 Where was the photograph taken?

Why are these people here, doing what they are doing?

Why was the photograph taken, would you guess?

3. Inquiry. Write a question that is left unanswered by the photo. (You must have a question!)

4. What would be a good title for this photo?

5. Visit the picture slideshow for modern pictures ( Find one picture that gives you a similar feel. Describe the picture photograph.

6. What similarities do you see in the two images you selected?

7. What do these similarities say about environmental issues in the modern times?

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