Persuasion & Influence Skills

Description of assignment:

A cornerstone of Influence and Persuasion is understanding yourself first. When you do, you will also understand others better, which will help you influence them in a more powerful and ethical way. This is your opportunity to demonstrate in a specific case how you aim to influence another party, taking into consideration your and their business and individual goals, preferred communication methods, circumstances and any other factors that can influence the outcome.

Submit a 1,500 word (±10%) report which outlines and develops a Persuasion and Influence plan for a specific business scenario / project where your aim is to influence for a positive outcome. Start with a self-reflection, and then build a robust strategic influence approach, supporting your plan. 

Design a strategic plan for influence using the steps below:

(250 words ±10%)

Start with self-reflection. When influencing others, what are your challenges? What are your goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

B  (1,000 words ±10%) 

Describe the specific business situation where you need to influence a person(s), and your objective(s) for influencing them.

  1. What do you aim to accomplish, and how will accomplishing your influence objectives drive positive results for you / your team / organisation and the other party?
  2. Identify the stakeholders you need to influence (please omit/change names and other sensitive information). How does influencing these stakeholders help in attaining your stated objective(s) (short/ long term)?
  3. Design a strategic influence plan by using at least 3 distinct tactics of influence. Describe why you believe these tactics will be effective in these circumstances. Take into consideration critical factors including the current business relationship with them, their preferred communication methods, culture and any other factors that can be paramount to a successful outcome. Be specific in describing the application of the 3 distinct tactics of influence. Think about different ways of communicating effectively with them (face-to-face / online / email) throughout the whole of the journey and how these methods would influence your outcome. What are the risks you are taking? What are the benefits 

C. (250 words  ±10%) 

Finish with self-reflection. Focus on what you have learnt about yourself and what your aim is to master going forward when it comes to influencing others. Word count: 1,500 words (±10%) APA 7th ed

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