Patient Safety Strategies

support your comments with evidence from literature or other evidence based resources. Minimum 150 words for each section. Provide references under each section. Please provide the intext citations. No reference page required.

2A. Discuss the steps needed to coordinate and develop an effective hospital discharge plan for an elderly client who has had a hip replacement due to a fall. Describe three strategies and tools that can be used to effectively manage this process.

  2B. Discuss how Clinical Indicators, Core Measures and National Patient Safety Goals are utilized by the Case Manager to support quality and safety outcomes and their implications for managing health disparities. Provide an example and describe a significant event or adverse patient outcome you encountered in practice that could have benefitted from these case management strategies.

3A. Select one of the following situations and discuss the strategies you would use to reduce the legal risk
• You arrived at work one morning and found during report that one of the patients you were case managing had been intubated even though it was clear in the patient’s living will or advanced directives that the patient did not desire such intervention. What would you do? How would you go about disclosing the situation to the patient’s healthcare proxy? What are the legal implementations of such an act?
• You were preparing a patient’s discharge and suddenly you got a call from the insurance company denying the transfer of the patient to a subacute care facility. How would you handle the situation?
• While you were discussing the surgical procedure with the patient and family, you found out the patient had signed the consent without a clear understanding of the procedure, the risks and benefits, or the postsurgical care. What would you do? You informed the surgeon of the situation and the surgeon dismissed it, claiming he explained everything to the patient already. How would you handle this response?

3B. Select one of the following emerging trends/ challenges and discuss the implications for Case Managers.
Provide an example from practice to illustrate your points
• Multi- culturalism – challenges to care managers
• Health Literacy and Adherence (Med Management)
• End of Life care
• Pain Management
• The emergence of Telehealth and Healthcare technology

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