Patient Safety Goal

This assignment is a 2-page Annotated Bibliography that addresses the ‘Healthy People 2020: Leading Health Indicators’ found at One initiative is to be selected by each student. A related article (pertaining to the selected Healthy People Initiative) from the nursing literature should be written in the form of a paper using APA format. The paper should reflect your synthesis of the findings. Articles should be selected from nursing periodicals available through the CSUSM library in the nursing link. You may use CINAHL or other databases that contain nursing research or other nursing journal articles.

The paper should include an APA citation at the top of the page.

The body of the paper should include the three sections:

  1. Purpose of the article,
    1. Summary of the content
    1. Nursing implications as they are related to the selected patient safety goal*.

*Note: the implications should reflect the suggestions/recommendations derived from your selected nursing research article – not implications directly from the selected safety goal.

All headings are justified on the left margin.

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