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Fadiman text Chapters 15, 17, 18
Discussion Board Opens Tuesday
for all questions for all chapters within discussion board no. 2
. Second Post: Your reply to at least one different student for the first question from each chapter.
. Third post: Your reply to at least one different student for the second question from each chapter. This should be three different students than your second post to the first question.
Total number of minimum posts are 12 (6 initial) 3 replies to Q1 of each chapter (3 different students to first question of each chapter) and 3 replies to Q2 of each chapter (3 additional different students to the second question of each chapter). You will be in total replying to 6 different students.
Due dates as listed here. Rubric guidelines as posted under information. Support your discussion posts with references and provide citations where required.
Chapter 15 Gold and Dross
Patient “likeability” and care (support with references)
Ch.15 Q 1. a. How did you feel upon reading the statement by Bill Selvidge (p. 214) that “Lia was just the sort of patient nurses like”?

  1. Do qualities exist that make patients more likeable or non-likeable?
  2. Do we need to “like” all our patients?
  3. Can “likeability” impact care? Explore this topic in the literature and support your response.
    Feeding tube: use, discontinuation and payment (support with references)
    Ch. 15 Q 2. Medi-Cal refused to pay for the formula after Lia no longer used the feeding tube.
  4. Defend this position
  5. Criticize this position
  6. Explore the literature regarding the use/payment of feeding tubes and circumstances for necessity of use or discontinuing use.

Chapter 17 The Eight Questions
Failures and improvement strategies in healthcare (support with references)
Ch. 17 Q1.a. On p. 253, what did Dan Murphy mean when he said, “when you fail one Hmong patient, you fail the whole community”?

  1. Explore the literature for failures in healthcare and strategies to improve.
    Importance of trust in nurse patient relationship (support with references)
    Ch. 17 Q 2. On page 252, Fadiman writes, “Since Lia’s brain death, whatever scant trust Foua and Nao Kao once had in American medicine had shrunk almost to zero.” Explore the literature and identify three strategies that you can use as a nurse to promote trust with diverse patients and families.

Chapter 18 Life or the Soul
Perfectionism (or illusion of Perfectionism) in Nursing (support with references)

  1. 1. Discuss the following statement. Neil and Peggy were excellent physicians but imperfect healers (p. 265).
  2. Are nurses expected to demonstrate excellence but accept imperfection as healers?
  3. Explore the literature and discuss the concept of perfectionism and its healthcare impact i.e. patient errors, nursing burnout etc.
    Opinion question life or the soul (no references required)
  4. Tukey Waller asks, “Which is more important, the life or the soul?”
  5. What do you think?
  6. Is this influenced by your religion or your worldview?

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