Organiza Crime Journal Week 3

                                                               Journal WK #3

Course Textbook: Understanding Organized Crime

2nd edition Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 2 edition (June 24, 2011)

ISBN: 978-1449622572

-Answer questions using the course textbook.

– Use APA 7;

-Cite one source. Preferably from the course textbook

  1. Why is the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang considered part of organized crime?

2. Where is the headquarters of the Triad located?  How is the Triad structured? 

3. Explain how the Gangster Disciples were formed.  What is the status of the Gangster Disciples?

4. Explain the importance of family in Chinese Organized Crime.

5. What is the Mexican Mafia?  What are some of the criminal activities of the Mexican Mafia?

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