Operation Management: Walmart Case

Walmart Case : write an executive summary (not exceeding 6 double-spaced pages )

Problem calculations, computer outputs, exhibits, figures, etc. may be attached to support your analysis, but the essence of the solution must be contained in the six pages.

Executive summary should consist of at least three sections: 

  1. Problem and Environment
  2. Analysis
  3. Recommendations. 

Often you may need to make certain assumptions in analyzing the problem. Please make reasonable assumptions and clearly state your assumptions in the analysis section.    


1) As James Neuhausen, what is your analysis of Way-Marts supply Chain? Are the company’s supply chain capabilities still a course of competitive advantage? Why or why not?
2) How is Was-Mart doing? How does it compare to competitors?
3) As Johnnie Dobbs, Wal-Mart’s executive vice-president of logistics, where would you spend your money or focus your energy (generally speaking)?
4)Where do you see opportunities for War-Mart in its global supply chain?
5) if you want…how does Walmarts SC compare to Apples SC. How are they different or similar. If you answer this last questions you can reduce the detail of some of the other questions. If you ignore this last one a little more detail might be expected on the internal review.

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