Nursing Processes and Principles

Learning Outcomes: LO
LO1. Describe the key stages of the nursing process
LO2. Demonstrate the ability to collect relevant patient data through a holistic nursing assessment
LO3. Demonstrate the principles of planning care through shared decision-making
LO4. Identify the key components of high-quality person-centered care
Please provide a written report (2000 words) of the nursing process (ADPIE stages) in relation to a chosen ADL category of the RLT model. The report will give rationale for the choice of the RLT ADL category and a rationale for the use of the nursing process. The importance of planning care through shared decision making and ensuring patient centeredness should be explained and demonstrated in the ADPIE stages of the nursing process’ discussions. (LO1, LO2, LO3, & LO4)

  1. Introduction & Background to the Service User (approximately 150 words)
    •a. What? Introduce the reader to the assignment based on the summative brief above. Briefly identify the service user and how their case will be used in your discussions.
    •b. How? Signpost the reader to the report content by outlining how the report will be structured.
    •c. Why? Articulate the significance of the topic to be discussed. This should make clear the importance of the concepts of the nursing process, RLT model, patient centered care, shared decision making and communication strategies for assessment and evaluation data collection in current practice. You can use one or two references to support your work in this part.
  2. Provide a brief discussion of the nursing process and its significance in practice (approximately 500 words) (LO1, LO3 & LO4).
    In this section, using relevant supportive academic literature:
    •Describe the nursing process, identifying its significance in current health practice
    •Discuss the relevance of the RLT model, outlining its principles and including how it links with the nursing process (especially the A part in ADPIE).
    •Discuss how the nursing process and the RLT model are used to achieve shared decision making and promote high-quality patient centred care.
    •Identify at least 4 key principles of patient centred care and how the nursing process is used to achieve these
    •Outline how these concepts will be applied in your discussion of the identified case study
  3. Apply the nursing process and RLT Model to the case study (approximately 1250 words divided as below) (LO1, LO2, LO3 & LO4)
    •Briefly discuss Roy’s nursing needs/ nursing problems, based on your holistic RLT model assessment, including the aspects of Roy’s life that are personal and important to him, and demonstrating application of patient centered care
    •From Roy’s identified nursing needs/ nursing problems (Completed RLT from your formative assessment), select one ADL category to focus on for your ADPIE, providing an evidenced rationale for your choice (approximately 150 words).
    ADPIE – Using relevant academic literature:
    Assessment (approximately 600)
    •Discuss the assessment stage of the nursing process, identifying the importance of this stage of the nursing process in Roy’s patient centered care
    •Discuss how Roy will be involved in the assessment stage, demonstrating patient centeredness
    •In relation to your chosen RLT model ADL category, identify communication strategies and tools to be used for the assessment, giving rationale for choices of these. Discuss advantages & disadvantages of chosen assessment tools (use references)
    •Discuss potential challenges in assessing Roy’s needs, including potential difficulties in extracting data for assessment
    •Identify the detailed findings of the assessment of the chosen ADL, based on your completed RLT 12 ADLs holistic assessment from the formative assessment, including rationale for chosen assessment tools.
    •Outline any further information which you may need for Roy’s assessment that might not be available from the case study

Systematic Nursing Diagnosis (approximately 100 words)
•From the selected RLT ADL category, write a succinct statement of Roy’s nursing needs/ problems, identifying one specific nursing problem/ need, potential cause of it/ etiology and signs and symptoms that evidence your reaching the nursing diagnosis statement. DO NOT USE MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS e.g. Diabetes: identify nursing problems which may be due to the diabetes instead.

Planning (approximately 150 words)
•Discuss the planning stage of the nursing process, identifying the importance of this stage of the nursing process in Roy’s patient centered care
•Include what you would have to consider if working with Roy in a person-centered way.
•Articulate SMART goals and outcomes for Roy, in relation to your identified nursing diagnosis/ statement of need
•Providing academic literature-based evidence for your choices as rationale, outline the interventions you have chosen to meet the identified need and achieve the desired outcomes of your goals

Implementation/ interventions (approximately 150 words)
•Discuss the benefits of including Roy in the implementation stage, demonstrating shared decision-making principles.
•Identify any potential difficulties achieving this in practice and how they may be lessened.
•Outline how Roy will be involved in implementing your planned interventions, including any potential difficulties achieving this (consider aspects such as mental capacity, barriers to communication etc).

Evaluation (approximately 100 words)

•Discuss the evaluation stage of the nursing process, identifying the importance of this stage in Roy’s patient centered care, and any potential challenges/ difficulties.
•Outline how you intend to re-check progress and evaluate the planned intervention overall, including use of any assessment tools to be reapplied.
Append the completed care plan for your chosen need, linked to your discussion above,
Conclusion (approximately 100 words)
•Provide a succinct synopsis of what you discussed in the main body of text, summarizing your points relating to the module learning outcomes.

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