Nonprofit Fund Raising

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a strong statement that provides the rationale for financial support to the nonprofit you chose for your course project. This core statement should make a compelling case for financial support to the organization. It forms the foundation to all fund raising efforts of the organization. The statement should highlight the specific issue the organization address and the need(s) it fulfills in the community. It should be developed in a
rational and logical manner, connecting the worth of supporting the organization’s programs and services with current donors and prospective donors.
In developing the case statement, impacts of the organization’s programs and services need to be highlighted in multiple ways including: data to support the need, number of clients served, outcome measures, and testimonials from beneficiaries.
Due to the importance of this case statement, it is vital that you work with the nonprofit to get sufficient information. Two supporting documents with valuable recommendations for developing case statements are posted in pdf format. You will not be following all suggestions provided in these documents, but they can assist you in developing the case statement. An example of case statement also posted.
Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment. This assignment is worth a total of 100 points. Rubric for the 5 sections of the assignments are provided below. You will get full points for each section if all items listed area captured well in your case statement.
Formatting Notes:

  1. Include a cover page with the assignment title, your name, course number and instructor, and date.
  2. Assignment should be three pages in length (excluding the cover page). Use standard 12 point fonts and double space.
    Assignment Instructions
  3. Organizational mission, vision, core values, and summary of services (1/2 page, 10 points)
  4. Start with the organization’s mission statement, vision statement and core value statements.

If the organization does not have one or more of these statements, you need to develop them. Work with the organization to do so. The following are the purposes of these statements:

a. Mission statement: is the key statement expresses the organization’s character, its uniqueness, and it is an anchoring statement that links the organization to its cause. It is the statement of purpose and philosophy of the organization. It provides the fundamental reason for which the organization exists. It should be succinct, clear, pithy and memorable for the reader. It should capture what the organization does, who does it serve, and for what purpose?
b. Vision statement: should capture the ideal image of the future that the organization seeks. It goes along with the mission statement. Carefully crafted vision statement can be a powerful guiding image of the organization’s success.
c. Core value statement: should provide the guiding believes and principles that are foundation to the organization. It should inspire and attract stakeholders to work with the organization. In general, core values exhibit how the founders want the organization to be perceived.

  1. Provide a summary statement on how the organization fulfills a need (no more than 3-4 sentences)
  2. Organizational history (1/2 page, 15 points)
  3. What was the issue/need that resulted in the establishment of the nonprofit?
  4. Year the nonprofit received its 501(c) 3 status from IRS
  5. Organizational growth since the inception (highlight just a few major achievements and/or expansions in the growth of the organization)
  6. Evidence of need and/or impacts (1/2 page, 15 points)
    This section provides research findings or survey results or some information that highlight the issue/need the organization addresses….and its impacts on clients.
  7. Provide some data (result of a survey, or information from research report, Census statistics, etc.) on the issue or need the organization addresses. This section should form the rationale for the organization to continue its services
  8. What are the impacts of the organization on its clients? How has the organization changed their lives? Use the results of evaluation or survey that the organization conducted about its outcome on clients (clients satisfaction survey, client evaluation report, etc.) or reports from similar organizations that are relevant to its clients
  9. How does the organization address the issue/need through its programs and services?
  10. Organizational strengths/unique characteristics (1/2 page, 10 points)
    This section captures the nonprofit’s competitive position or standing among other nonprofits.
  11. What are the major strengths of the organization?
  12. How is the organization unique in providing services to its clients?
  13. How many clients the organization serves for each of its programs?
  14. Awards or recognition received by the organization, if any, for its exemplary services
  15. The case for support (1 page, 50 points)
    This section should establish the need for financial support to the organization and the ways through which people can donate to the organization’s programs and services.
  16. Provide the need for financial support for the organization to continue its services?
  17. Provide current annual budget of the organization and highlight the required funding for the next annual budget
  18. Why is it important for anyone to donate to the organization?
  19. What are the ways to make financial contribution to the organization and how do they help the clients?
  20. What are other needs of the organization in addition to annual fund raising for operating cost (such as in-kind support, funds for capital projects, etc.)?
  21. What do donors get in return for their philanthropic investment in the organization and its services to clients?
  22. Provide a testimonial from a client/beneficiary/community leader in this section (ideally in a box).

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