Non-Structural Mitigation Efforts

Continuing Bobsville’s non-structural mitigation efforts, create a Public Service Announcement campaign to educate residents on how to prepare for tornado season.
• Address the following elements:
o Household Mitigation Activities and Preparedness Supplies FEMA recommends.
o What you need to do at different phases of a tornado (Watch, Warning)
o The need to develop a Plan to Sustain Yourself after a Tornado
• Create your message as a slide presentation with speaking notes that could be used to give a 5-7 minute speech. Cite several sources using proper APA style. This will be 50% of the grade for the Assignment.
• Then, create a trifold brochure (using both sides of the trifold page) to be distributed with the same information. Cite your sources, again using proper APA style. This will be 30% of the grade for the Assignment. (When you open up a “New” file in MS-Word, you will be offered templates, of which at least 1 – “Education Brochure” – is a trifold brochure; I have attached a generic trifold to this assignment below – you can change this generic trifold as you want if you choose to use it).

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