Natural Harzard Case Study

(Slides and a link to you video presentation must be submitted – see below for details)


This project consists of you doing research, creating a set of slides, and making a presentation about a single natural hazard event that occurred in the past. Each student will create a set of slides (details below) and then record yourself presenting the slides using the Zoom app or something equivalent – just like my presentations when I teach for this class.

An example of a single event from the past is: Hurricane Sandy. However, for this project, you cannot use Hurricane Sandy, because I presented on it in class. Another example is: The eruption of Mt. Saint Helens. But this is another one you cannot use, because I will present on it in class. If you are uncertain if some event is a suitable hazard or not, then please contact me via email and we can discuss.

Total points: 30

Grading Rubric:

24 points (80%) of the grade will be based on the slides (discussed below).

8 points (20%) of the grade will be based on your presentation (discussed below).


Create a set of 7 slides reporting on the natural hazard.

Slide 1: (2 points) Title slide

  • Name of your presentation, Your name, The name of the class
  • An interesting figure related to your research topic

Slide 2: (4 points) Introduction to the event

  • When and where did it occur?
  • Was the event extreme? Was it a catastrophe?
  • Include at least one figure or schematic or table.

Slide 3: (4 points) Link to physics teaching concepts from class

  • Find a schematic from the class lecture slides and place it on this slide
  • Add some explanation of how the schematic links directly to the natural hazard event that you have chosen

Slide 4: (4 points) Predictability or response to the event

            Answer one of the following questions:

                        -Was the event predicted?

                        – What was the response to the event – either in the short term or the long term

                        – If you cannot answer either of these questions, explain why.

  • Include at least one figure or schematic or table.

Slide 5: (4 points) Does the event link with global warming?

  • Explain why or why not
  • Include at least one figure or schematic or table.

Slide 6: (4 points) Citations – give full list of websites and other sources used in creating the presentation.

Slide 7: (2 points) A slide that has the link to your presentation that you have uploaded to your own Dropbox account.

Key! For the figures that you include in the presentation, include the source. You can either list the full source underneath each figure, or you can use some abbreviation or numbering method and include the full source on Slide 6.


The presentation will be made as if you were teaching the class, meaning that you will put the slides in presenter mode and then record yourself making the presentation using the record feature on Zoom. When you are presenting make an effort to use intonation in your voice and not sound like you are reading from a script.

The presentation should be for no more than 7 minutes.

The presentation portion of the grade will be based on: 

  1. Clear presentation (6 possible points)
  2. Timing (2 possible points)

How to turn in the assignment:  Upload the slide document to Blackboard. The presentation will be too large to upload to Blackboard. Instead, you will upload the .mp4 recording of your presentation to your own Dropbox account**. Then you will copy and paste the Dropbox link for the recording into a slide and include it as the last slide in your presentation^.

**If you don’t have one, you will need to create a Dropbox account. Every CUNY student can sign up for a free Dropbox account. Details are here:


After you have set up your account, upload your video, then click on your video to and choose to share, then choose to copy the link.

^If you have a link to your video through some other software, that is fine too. Just turn in the link and make sure that it is viewable by anyone. 

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