Nanotechnology Assignment

Welcome to the 2021 Malvern nanotechnology summit!

Nanotechnology is the study, manipulation, and application of atoms and molecules in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering. Nanotechnology is an exciting new frontier in which we are making huge strides in these scientific fields.

Your goal

You will research and put together a slide show that would equate to a minimum 8 minute presentation on one of the following applications of nanotechnology in science. Please note that you do not have to actually present.

What you will submit (submissions will be done via Brightspace assignment tab AND Turnitin)

  1. Slideshow containing the presentation that you would have given in class (you don’t actually have to present).
  2. The notes or “script” that you would have used during your presentation (ie. with additional info that isn’t on your slides). These notes should be in full detail.
  3. List of references in APA format (minimum 3 total, with at least 1 being a peer reviewed journal article).

NOTE: You will be submitting your “script” to Turnitin. Turnitin will be doing a plagiarism check. The max plagiarism percentage allowed is 30%. You can submit multiple copies/rough drafts of your assignment to Turnitin to ensure that your plagiarism percentage is appropriate.


  1. Nanotechnology in diagnostic techniques
  2. Nanotechnology in cell repair
  3. Nanotechnology in drug delivery
  4. Nanotechnology in antibacterial treatment
  5. Nanotechnology in cancer treatment
  6. Nanotechnology in Alzheimer’s treatment
  7. Nanotechnology in Parkinson’s treatment
  8. Nanotechnology in vaccines
  9. Nanotechnology in the food industry
  10. Nanotechnology in space exploration
  11. Nanotechnology in better air quality
  12. Nanotechnology in better water quality
  13. Nanotechnology in batteries and energy production
  14. Any other topic that you wish to present on…just be sure to get the topic approved

Your project must:

  1. Provide a brief scientific overview of the issue that you are addressing.
  2. Explain, in scientific detail, the process by which nanotechnology is used to address the issue.
  3. Describe the desired outcomes of the implementation of nanotechnology in your issue as well as the feasibility of this implementation (ie. cost, safety, etc).


  • References must be done in APA format. At least 3 credible sources must be used. At least 1 of those sources must be a peer reviewed scientific article.
  • You must include a visual component (Powerpoint, Prezi, etc)

If you are looking for somewhere to start your research, check out

Peer Reviewed Articles

To find peer reviewed articles, check out the following websites:

PubMed (

Google Scholar

End notes on relevant Wikipedia articles

Some tips on using articles:

  • Only use articles that are available for’ll find plenty!
  • Read the abstract first to make sure the article is relevant. Then move on to the other key sections such as the results and discussion.
  • Once you find a relevant article, you can go to the end notes to find the articles that they referenced…these article may also be useful to you!
  • Put the research into your own words.
  • Take your time and take a deep breath…reading through these articles can be very frustrating!


You must include both a works cited and in text citations (in your notes, not on your PowerPoint), all in APA format.

A website to help you create your citations:

APA Citation Generator (Free) | References & In-text Citations (

For those of you who are looking for clarification on what in-text citations are, check out the video guide in this article:

Note: you only need to list a page number if you are providing a direct quote. Page numbers are not included in the in-text citation when paraphrasing. 

Also of interest is the difference between narrative and parenthetical citations.

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