Module Two Journal Activity: Psychoanalysis


In this module, we will learn about the psychoanalytic tradition. In the previous module, we addressed methods theorists use to measure personality and completed a mock Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). Now, let’s revisit your Module One Journal responses using a psychoanalytic lens and see if we can discover new insights about ourselves.

Please note: This journal will contain a nonclinical analysis. Your task is not to diagnose or assign clinical labels to yourself. That would require licensure beyond the scope of this course. This journal does require personal reflection; analyze and share to the depth you are comfortable with.


For your journal, use the Module Two Journal Template Word Document to answer the following questions. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Describe what a psychoanalyst like Freud or Jung would be looking for in the responses to a projective test like the Thematic Apperception Test. Your response should be 2 to 5 sentences in length.
  • Using the lens of a psychoanalyst, reflect on your Module One Journal responses by answering the following questions in 2 to 5 sentences each:
    • Describe what role your unconscious might have played in your responses. Are there any defense mechanisms present in your story?
    • Describe how you characterized any underlying conflicts present in your story. Think about drives and the parts of personality (id, ego, superego) in your response.
    • Describe how you characterized the interactions of the people in your story. What could this tell us about attachment and relationships?
    • Describe how much your own life experience informed the story you told.
  • After considering the role of the unconscious and projection in the story you told, describe another interpretation for your image. Your response should be 2 to 5 sentences in length.
  • Describe what a greater awareness of projection means for other interactions you might have with people in a social or professional setting. Your response should be 2 to 5 sentences in length.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your completed Module Two Journal Template. If you cite external resources, you must use APA citation style.

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