Module Two Assignment: Ethical Perspectives Essay

For this assignment, you will complete an essay applying the two ethical perspectives you chose for your outline to ONE of the case studies provided. The two case studies both deal with scarcity as an ethical dilemma. One of the cases examines the distribution of vaccines and another of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your goal for this essay is to represent each ethical perspective and articulate how that specific perspective might view the ethical dilemma at hand. By applying each perspective to a particular case, we become more skilled at analyzing a problem from different points of view. Practicing this skill is vital because it allows us to find creative solutions for ethical problems and gives us context to articulate the ethical reasoning of a decision.

Criteria for the paper are:

  • Two and a half to four pages long in APA format (cover page and abstract not required)
  • I recommend following a five-paragraph essay format (at least loosely)
    • Introduction to the case and ethical/moral dilemma
    • How ethical perspective #1 would view the case
    • How ethical perspective #2 would view the case
    • Address specific questions posed within the case
    • Conclusion and defense of chosen action
  • Each ethical perspective must be supported by theory and represented adequately.
  • The paper must include a reference page including at least five references in APA format supporting your ethical perspectives.
  • Grammar, spelling, and clarity of writing will be graded along with the content of the essay. I highly recommend having a friend or colleague you trust to proofread your essay.

Please choose ONE of the following case scenarios for your essay.

  1. Alison’s Case (vaccine scarcity)
  2. Tasha and Jack’s Case (PPE scarcity)

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