Module 3: Critical Thinking

Power to Influence

  1. Read Conner’s (2020) article Bases of power: Understanding where power and influence comes fromLinks to an external site.
  2. Write a paper or create a presentation. 

Please include the following:

  • Discuss three bases of individual power from the article (reward, legitimate, referent, etc.) which you find in your workplace or other areas of your life.
  • Share at least one example of how these bases of power are used to influence others. Which of the bases do you find audiences to be most receptive or responsive? Are there any bases of power that you feel could be used in a more positive manner?

Your completed assignment must adhere to the following parameters:


If creating a video or Power Point, resources to assist you in recording your presentation can be found in the Library. To add narration using PowerPoint with Media tab, audio is recommended. 

CSU Global Writing Center | Visual Presentations

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