MIDTERM/Critical Analysis Essay

Choose a topic from 1865 -1980 and a painting that has historical meaning for that topic in this US history course.  In a word document, include the painting, and list the name of the painting, the artist’s name, where it may be viewed, and description of the painting.  IN 500-1000 words, write a critical analysis of how this painting illustrates the possible socio-economic, religious, political overtones of the topic in its period. Include Bibliography or Work Cited page with MLA formatted citations for sources.  Papers need to be thoroughly researched and the research is documented with a bibliography or a works cited page. The research must come a wide range of primary and secondary sources. See description of primary and secondary sources under Syllabus and Other Important Info link.  

Midterm MUST be submitted both as a Word Document to both the midterm assessment site on BB and to Turnitin on BB. If you use pages, then export as a word document.

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