Means-end Analysis

Unit Learning OutcomesGraduate Learning Outcomes
  Unit learning outcomes (ULOs) 
ULO1 Describe and analyse how individuals act, think, and feel across diverse consumer contexts

Refer to the marking rubric for details of how to evidence these ULOs in your assessment submission. Please also refer to the Unit Guide for details of the Graduate Learning Outcomes.


As outlined in the Assignment Creative Brief, the purpose of Assignment 1 is to conduct an interview analysis so that you can better understand how the target market perceives the client’s product. In Assignment 2, you will use these findings to develop a 30-second TV advertisement aimed at selling the client’s product to this target market.


You will use means-ends analysis to analyse the four interview transcripts available on CloudDeakin. Guidance on how to conduct a means-ends analysis is available via the:

  • Means-ends analysis guide
  • Week 2 seminar

Once you have completed your means-ends analysis, you will need to write it up in the form of a report. The components you will need to include in your report are outlined in the submission checklist below.

General assignment information


Writing and formatting

This assignment should be formatted as follows:

  • Single Word document 
  • 12-point serif font (e.g., Times New Roman, Garamond, Cambria)
  • Fully justified paragraphs, 1.5 or double spaced
  • A4-sized page with normal margins (2.54 cm left, right, top and bottom)

Word count

Assignments that go over the 1,000 word limit will be penalised in fairness to other students, as follows:

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