Marketing Strategy

Please read the below rubric carefully before working on the task, needs to be implemented in the work exactly as the guidance provided:

Marketing Strategy 2023
Criteria Criteria for high marks Points
Analysis of selected Marketing Strategy The analysis should showcases evidence of wide academic reading and an excellent understanding of the selected marketing strategy / 30 pts
Quality of Analysis This report should show originality of insight when analyzing and critically appraising the company’s strategic marketing strategy including its response to COVID-19, and excellent intellectual engagement / 30 pts
Application of the selected strategy to the selected company. Evidence-based analysis as to how the selected company may apply the selected strategy to improve its marketing strategy or defend against competitors. Application should be exceptionally detailed. All evaluations should be thoroughly supported by relevant academic evidence. All recommendations should be highly relevant to the company and highly congruent. / 30 pts
The report should contain substantial evidence of wider academic reading. A minimum of 15 peer-reviewed academic journal articles should be used. References should be complete, accurate and effectively presented to support the arguments made; many citations; References are all of an academic standard / 10 pts

Your Tasks

Carefully read the ‘essential reading’ for this course, entitled “Competitive Strategies” (Avery and Gupta, 2015). (attached)

In there, many different marketing strategies are discussed. For example, ‘offensive strategies’ include comparative advertising, first-mover advantage, imitation, differentiation or price leadership. In ‘defensive strategies’ actions such as superb customer support, customer relationships, legal protection or retaliation are listed.

  1. Choose one of these strategies or any other listed in the document or discussed in the module (such as ‘blue ocean’ strategies or advice on how to ‘change the game’).
  2. Thoroughly research the selected strategy.

• Define it
• elaborate with recent examples
• and debate is value.
• What are some advantages and disadvantages?
• What is the theoretical consensus for this strategy?

  1. Select a company of your choice. Your company may be online/ offline/ both. (please refrain to use apple, tesla, twitter, recommend to use some small to medium brand)
    • Using relevant marketing strategy theories and recent journal articles, critically appraise your company’s marketing strategy including its response to COVID-19.
  2. By combining the two sections, explore how your selected strategy applies to your selected company.
    • Have they used in the past and if yes how so? If no, could/should they use it?
    • How could they ‘defend’ from this if a competitor decides to adopt it in their strategy?
  3. Include brief introduction and conclusion.

The assignment should be no longer than 2500 words – Please state your word total (of the parts that count) on the first page of the assignment.

The word count does not include tables, figures, executive summary, the reference list or an Appendix up to 500 words. It does include the introduction and conclusions and in-text references.

Journal articles: IMPORTANT
In order to demonstrate evidence of wider reading you are required to use at least 15 academic peer-reviewed articles and add in-text references and add reference accordingly.

Journals that you may want to look at include:

Journal of Business Research
Journal of Marketing Management
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of Consumer Psychology
Journal of Marketing
Journal of Marketing Research
Marketing Science
Journal of Services Marketing
European Journal of Marketing
Journal of Interactive Marketing
Journal of Marketing Management
Journal of Advertising
Journal of Service Research
Journal of Retailing
Psychology and Marketing

Report structure and format

You should structure the assessment as follows with sub-headings indicating your areas of analysis:
Short introduction
Section A: selected marketing strategy
Section B: selected company
Section C: discussion/application of selected strategy on selected company
Short Conclusion
Reference List

There are no specific margins or spacing requirements but your report should be presented in a clear and legible format.

Grading: Please look at the detailed rubric table above.

Your understanding of marketing strategy theory.
Your ability to be able to apply this theory to a company.
Your ability to read around the subject.
Your ability to demonstrate evidence of wider reading.
Your ability to use marketing strategy theory to support your analysis.

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