Marketing Consumer Behavior

  • Once you have located a journal article, you will need to write a 4-5 page summary and reflection of this article. 
  • For the summary section, briefly cover these topics: introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion

  • For the reflection section, provide some of your personal reactions to this article (Did you think it was interesting?  If so, why?  Did you agree/disagree with the conclusions of this report?  If so, why?  Can you think of a personal example this relates to in your own consumption?, etc.).  You should also use this section to relate the journal article to concepts that are discussed in your textbook and/or to the discussions the class had had on the discussion board.

(Note: Inserting a few quotes from your article – with quotation marks and page numbers – is fine, but keep it to a minimum.  I want your summary and reflection to be put into your words.)

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