Managing Human Resources

Write a report of 3,000 words to the following brief:
You are required to develop a Human Resource Management business proposal
with specific focus on HR operating model (structure), Resourcing and
Development. Your recommendations and overall HRM business proposal need
to demonstrate considerations on business alignment, a proposal that can assist
any start-up or SME type company.
(Your core textbook, Hook and Jenkins, 2019, Ch.1, Ch.6 and Ch. 8, is your initial
point of reference).

  1. Outline an HR operating model which can support any start-up or SME. An
    operating model that will reinforce business objectives and alignment
    including efficient approach to the delivery of the HR services to the
    business. Underline the theories and analysis of the operating model,
    including advantages and disadvantages of the model selected. (30
  2. Outline the resourcing proposition that can assist towards attracting highly
    skilled talent through innovative approaches. In addition, outline the
    onboarding methodology (approaches, theories, and best practices) in
    your proposal enabling new employees to be successful. (30 Marks)
  3. Outline the development considerations in your proposal to enhance all
    employees’ skills and ability to execute the business strategy. Define what
    these development proposals are quoting relevant theories and best
    practices. (30 Marks)
  4. Use correct academic writing technique, including effective structure,
    grammar, spelling, use of in-text citations, and a full reference list, all of
    which should use the Harvard referencing convention. (10 Marks)
    Organisations (for Benchmarking)
    When designing a HRM business proposal it is important that you benchmark
    your plan and proposed methods. You can use any international organisation of
    your choice as an example of success and best practice. You must apply critical
    thinking in your analysis in relation to your selected organisation against the three
    main areas outlined above.
    Before selecting the organisation, you are strongly advised to discuss this with
    your lecturer and ensure that there is sufficient online material available.
    Core Reading
    Your work must be fully supported with references (cited in the Harvard style).
    Evidence should be used from appropriate sources, such as,
  5. Hook., C., Jenkins, A., 2019. Introducing Human Resource Management. 8th
    ed. Pearson.
  6. Banfield. P., Kay. R., and Royles. D., 2018. Introduction to Human Resource
    Development. 3rd Ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  7. Kesler., G., Kates., A. 2015. Bridging organization design and performance: 5
    ways to activate a global operating model. Wiley.
  8. Taylor., S. 2018. Resourcing and Talent Management. London: Kogan Page.
  9. Berard., J. 2013. Accelerating leadership development practical solutions for
    building your organizations potential. 1st ed. Ontario: Jossey Bass
  10. For more extensive list and suggested reading, please also refer to the
    module Sources and Reading List found on the VLE.
    To achieve success, the following is required:
    • The majority of work should demonstrate your own original thinking, with
    data, quotes, paraphrased opinions, and other evidence used where
    appropriate to evidence and support your own, original debate.
    • This should be delivered in a report format, consisting of:
    o A Cover Page
    o An Executive Summary
    o A Contents Page
    o An Introduction
    o Findings Section – the main body of the report, separated into any
    number of sub-sections as required.
    o A Conclusion
    o A Recommendations section
    o A Reference List
    o Appendices
    • Students demonstrating higher level academic skills of analysis and
    evaluation, and sophisticated use of evidence/sources, will score in the
    higher grade-ranges.
    • Referencing conventions and the credibility of sources is a vital aspect of
    academic writing. Students demonstrating a higher level of academic rigour
    in these areas will score in the higher grade-ranges.

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