Management Skills Essay

Based on the project output problems, the competition of the surrounding luxury rentals and Covid-19. Choose (1) recommendation method for each output problem (total of 2 methods). Write (3) pages for the recommendations methods/techniques that fit or better the organization’s problems, with 3 -6 MLA scholar research citations for this essay required. Times New Roman and Fonts 12.

Must choose techniques from the list below. Choose one method from each column only to apply for the output problem. 1) Competitions from the surrounding luxury apartment rentals. 2) The Problem from Covid-19 Or vice versa.

First course column:                                                 Second cource column:

FISH Philosophy/Practice                                          Six Sigma and Appreciative Inquiry

Core Values                                                                DMAIC Formula

Diversity                                                                     Red/Green Modes

Communication Equity Theory                                  The Dialect Approach

Innovation                                                                   A Model of Problem Solving

Expectancy Theory                                                     Bazer’s Problem Solving

Alderfer’s ERG Theory                                              Osland Pre-Morterm Technique

Self-Efficacy Theory                                                  Devil’s Advocacy

Maslow’ Hiearchy                                                      Dephil Technique

Essay Questions:


  1. Identify two (2) recommendations for how the organization can address the business challenges or take advantage of the business opportunities based on your analysis. It is expected that one recommendation will be linked to the first-course concept your team has selected, and the second recommendation will be linked to the second concept.
  • For each of the two recommendations, provide at least two (2) examples of management “best practices” that other organizations – either inside or outside the same industry of the organization, business unit, workgroup, or department which your team is studying-have implemented to address similar challenges or opportunities. How might these practices be helpful to validate and offer credibility to your team’s recommendations?

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