Local Environmental Issue

This milestone activity is the first of several activities that will build toward the completion of your final project for the course. For this milestone activity, you will submit this completed worksheet in which you will outline and identify the elements below regarding your chosen local environmental issue. See the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document for more detailed information. You may use the information from the Module One journal assignment. Be sure to integrate any feedback you received from your instructor on the journal assignment.

For this milestone worksheet assignment, complete the following:

  1. Download the Milestone One Worksheet document.
  2. Review the Milestone One Rubric.
  3. Complete the three parts that address the critical elements.

NOTE: Refer to your module resources as well as additional resources you identify for information to help you answer the questions below. Remember that you will need to use current APA style guidelines for your citations and reference list in the final project submission. You will note that each question in the worksheet has you track your citations.

You do not need to provide long answers to the questions. You should be concise, writing 3- to 4-sentence responses. Once you receive feedback from your instructor, you will expand on your answers to complete the final paper at the end of the course.

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