Learning Technology in Education Assignment 2

Assignment Two

Please watch the video on the assignment two submission page to support you with this assessment.

The purpose of this assignment is to bring together the learning from weeks 4 and 5 to demonstrate that you have reflected on and considered your own position with regards to digital technology. (750 words)


Select one of the journal articles provided. To complete this assignment you need to critically analyse the article you have chosen in light of your own attitudes, professional experience and context. For more guidance see the video or transcript above.

Asplund, S-B., Olin-Scheller, C. and Tanner, M. (2018), ‘Under the teacher’s radar: Literacy practices in task-related smartphone use in the connected classroom’. L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature. Vol 18. pp.1-26.

Zgheib, G.E. and Dabbagh, N. (2020), ‘Social Media Learning Activities (SMLA): Implications for Design’. Online Learning Journal. Vol 24. No 1. pp.50-66.

Huber, B., Tarasuik, J., Antoniou, M.N., Garrett, C., Bowie, S.J., Kaufman, J. and The Swinburne Babylab Team. (2016), ‘Young children’s transfer of learning from a touchscreen device’. Computers in Human Behavior. Vol 56. pp.56-64.

The articles can be also be accessed online through Resource Finder.


This assignment should be submitted no later than 13:00 UK Time on Monday of week 6. 

Your submission should be 750 words in length (+/- 10%).

Please make sure that you correctly cite and reference all secondary sources you use, and include a reference list. The reference list will not be included in your final word count.

Your work will be assessed according to the framework and criteria in the assessment rubric.  I strongly suggest that you spend some time looking at this so that you understand the expectations of Level 7 study.

Submission instructions – What should be the format of the submission? / Where should it be submitted?
A single Word document only, containing your assignment and a reference list.
Font should be Arial, Calibri or similar, size 11 or 12
Lines should be spaced at 1.5.
Please submit online via the appropriate Turnitin submission on the module space.
Please include a cover sheet, with name, student number and word count (excluding reference list).

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