Leading Organisations in a Changing Global Context

The impact of leadership style and approach in a diverse world, especially during change processes, has significant implications for organisational effectiveness and employee engagement. Within this context the aim of this module is to enable students to evaluate leadership and change from both an individual and a strategic perspective. Students will be afforded the opportunity to assess their own leadership skills and competences generally, and then specifically in relation to leading change in a global context. This module will also enable students to evaluate the key concepts and factors of change, considering the strategic perspective of the organisation. Through this module, students will have the opportunity to be involved in a simulated change event, and to then further develop their skills of self-reflection, personal analysis and presentation skills, in addition they will critique the leadership and processes adopted in relation to a business-related change initiative within their chosen industry or sector. PRME-related issues – consideration will be given to responsible leadership generally and specifically in relation to leading change ethically.

 On completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Critically analyse traditional and contemporary theories of leadership in a global context
  2. Critically evaluate the skills and values of global leaders generally and specifically in relation to leading change
  3. Critically reflect on their current personal leadership traits, style and values
  4. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the strategic change theories and processes utilised by organisations and
  5. Critically evaluate the design and impact of contemporary management processes on both people and organisations undergoing strategic change

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